SINCE 1921 ...

Camp Rappahannock has provided a haven for children who otherwise would never attend camp. Our camp offers a wide range of activities for kids of all ages, including swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, sports, and much more.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment where kids can make new friends, try new things, and build memories that will last a lifetime. With our beautiful location on the banks of the Rappahannock River, your child will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate nature while having a blast.

At Camp Rappahannock, we believe that summer camp is a time for adventure, growth, and fun. Our program is designed to help campers develop confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of community. With our diverse range of activities and programs, your child is sure to find something they love.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Camp Rappahannock today and give your child a summer they'll never forget!



Caring for your camper is a responsibility that we do not
take lightly. With our extensive safety measures, carefully
selected staff, nutritionally prepared menu, and incredible
activities, you can rest easy knowing your child is in good



  • Orientation

    June 11-16 | Camp Staff

  • MusiCamp

    June 17-22 | Ages 8-17

  • Music Conservatory

    June 24 - July 20 | Ages 12-17

  • Teen Adventure Camp (Boys)

    June 24-29 | Ages 13-17

  • River Cruise #1

    June 24-29 | Ages 7-12

  • Boys & Girls Club Camp

    July 1-6 | Ages 7-12

  • Teen Adventure Camp (Girls)

    July 8-13 | Ages 13-17

  • River Cruise #2

    July 8-13 | Ages 7-12

  • River Cruise #3

    July 15-20 | Ages 7-12

  • Conservatory Graduation

    July 20

  • Final MusiCamp Concert

    June 22

  • TYI / TMI

    July 22-29



7:00 AM | Rise & Shine

7:45 AM | Flag Raising

8:00 AM | Breakfast

10:00 AM | Cabin Clean-up

10:30 AM | Elective 1

12:00 PM | Lunch

12:45 PM | Afternoon Praise at Pavilion

1:15 PM | Elective 2

2:45 PM | Girls' Swim/Boys' Recreation 1

3:30 PM | Boys' Canteen

3:40 PM | Boys' Swim/Girls' Canteen

4:00 PM | Girls' Recreation 1

5:00 PM | Dinner

6:15 PM | Cabin Recreation 2

7:00 PM | Juice Break

7:20 PM | Flag Lowering

7:30 PM | Night Program

9:00 PM | Vespers at the Cross

9:45 PM | Lights Out

"Camp Rappahannock is simply the best! My child had an amazing time, made new friends, and experienced so many fun activities. We will definitely be back next summer!"

- Camper Parent

"My daughter had an incredible time at Camp Rappahannock this summer! She made so many new friends and tried so many new activities. The staff was so caring and attentive, and I was impressed by the wide range of programs available. I highly recommend Camp Rappahannock to any parent looking for a fun and enriching summer camp experience for their child."

- Camper Parent

"As a first-time camper, my son was a little nervous about going away to Camp Rappahannock. But the staff made him feel so welcome and comfortable from the moment we arrived. He loved every minute of his time there and can't wait to go back next summer. I'm so grateful to the staff for creating such a positive and supportive environment for him."

- Camper Parent